Practicing Good Health Through Wellness

Do you reflect on the status of your physical, mental, and spiritual health? Do you embrace lifestyle changes that support good health? If you do, congratulations! And if not…are you ready to learn more about how to take care of this most precious gift?

Today, we know more about the things we should do to maintain good health. Yet we all fall victim to the pace of life, work responsibilities, stress, daily anxieties, and so many other undesirable habits. Often, these habits are significantly detrimental to the quality of our health.

This summer – and moving forward – SWSCHP is encouraging its members to reflect on what they can do to make good health

not just a stated priority, but an actively practiced one. We are also currently examining ways in which we can more specifically support our members’ practice of wellness, with a clear focus on the positive health outcomes this will have for you, along with preserving the long-term financial health of SWSCHP. We’d be delighted if you would take our wellness survey.

We believe that practicing good health is an affirmation of life. So take the more relaxed pace of summer and consider our recommendations for lifestyle change. And follow us on Twitter for wellness suggestions @SWSCHP!