From Our Leadership Team…

A new year often means setting goals for oneself, and it’s no different for our SWSCHP leadership team.

We recognize the frustration and confusion that comes from the rapid pace of change, opaque rules, and volatile cost trajectory of healthcare. That’s why we work hard to establish and maintain a cost-value proposition for our 23 school districts and every one of the 24,000+ individual members of the SWSCHP family.

Executive Director Dr. Peter Mustich and the volunteer members of the SWSCHP Executive Board undertook a rigorous examination of our relationships and organizational practices in 2018. Third party audits of our claims practices, business relationships, and operational effectiveness were all conducted, which has allowed us to move confidently into the new year with a keen focus on a key element of our mission: “ … to provide quality health care benefits in the most effective, competitive and fiscally responsible manner.”

In 2019 we pledge to continue to offer a clear value proposition for our members. The low-overhead cooperative model of SWSCHP– especially in comparison to NYSHIP and many private plans – offers the best rates to our district members with a clear emphasis on individual needs, something that only a small plan like ours can provide. In 2019, we will explore opportunities to expand benefits to our members, advocate for them with our healthcare partners, and guide them to the best possible decisions for good health.

We wish all of our family members a healthful and happy 2019, and as always, welcome your feedback. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and concerns here.