SWSCHP’s mission: to promote good health for all members and to provide quality health care benefits in the most effective, competitive and fiscally responsible manner–through responsive services, on-going communications, and local control.

The State-Wide Schools Cooperative Health Plan (SWSCHP) is a public school district health benefits cooperative organized under the New York Insurance Law. This entity was formed in 1986 with 23 founding school district members, and as of today, the same 23 school districts are in the plan.

We exist only to serve our members. There are no shareholders and there is no profit motive. SWSCHP has no staff except for an Executive Director, Dr. Peter Mustich, who reports to a volunteer governing board consisting of seven school district officials, with active participation of its Benefits Committee, which includes leaders representing the needs of member employees, retirees and their families. SWSCHP is not a faceless corporate entity; it is organized and operated by your colleagues in the public schools of southern Westchester, with the support of key consulting healthcare organizations.

The natural advantages of nominal overhead and a 'service first' identity means the members of SWSCHP can expect advocacy in the form of benefit preservation and cost containment. 

In sum, we exist to serve you: the more than 12,000 individual and family policy holders that give strength to SWSCHP and peace of mind to its members.


Some Specifics

SWSCHP is not a licensed insurer. It operates under a more limited certificate of authority granted by the New York Department of Financial Services. Municipal corporations (School Districts) participating in the Municipal Cooperative Health Benefit Plan (SWSCHP) are subject to contingent assessment liability.

The Health Plan is currently administered by Wright Risk Management Company, in conjunction with CVS/CAREMARK for pharmacy benefits, and AliCare for utilization management and hospital and medical claims administration.

Certain provisions of the SWSCHP Plan may be modified by your particular school district. Examples of these types of variable provisions are:

  • The definition of “Employee,” which guides your right to eligibility for participation in the Plan;
  • The definition of “Waiting Period,” which specifies how soon after your employment starts you may participate in the Plan; and
  • The contributions (the amount per month or pay period) required, if any, toward the cost of your coverage.

Please contact your own school district’s Health Benefits Representative for specific information regarding your employer’s policies.